Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Since its inception over 60 years ago, our company has operated with a strong sense of purpose, responsibility, and adaptability. This sense of corporate responsibility requires a viable model of sustainability, as we continuously adapt to match the interests of our business, our community, and the environment, both in the short and long term.
At Signature Flexible Packaging Inc., we are committed to developing meaningful and effective sustainable solutions to incorporate social and environmental considerations.


We seek to improve the lives of people who interact with Signature and our products, ensuring packaging safety; protecting customer and environmental safety; and giving back to our communities and industry. For over 60 years, our company has contributed to the economic stability of our communities, deliver value to stakeholders, and invest in the ongoing development of high-performance packaging technologies.

Our People

Signature is proud to be a model employer and good corporate citizen, providing meaningful employment to our local communities. Signature supports a culture in which employees believe in sustainability and environmental stewardship. A vision of success is fostered by exhibiting awareness and accountability, and by celebrating our company’s legacy and achievement.


It is our core value an our legacy to respect and to be a good steward of our planet’s environment and natural resources, in harmony with the creation of economic and social value. Areas of focus include minimizing manufacturing waste; developing effective new sustainable materials; reducing waste in distribution chain through enhanced protective packaging; and producing materials efficiently through responsible use of energy and resources. As an environmentally compliant company, Signature is audited annually for Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Product Safety.

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Contact Our Team

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